Sparse Linear Algebra

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Sparse linear algebra matrix diagram.
Sparse linear algebra matrix diagram.



Sparse matrix algorithms are used when input matrices have such a large number of zero entries that it becomes advantageous, for storage or efficiency reasons, to “squeeze” them out of the matrix representation. Compressed data structures, keeping only the non-zero entries and their indices, are the norm here. As an example, consider sparse matrix-vector multiplication. In the standard compressed row format, the code is

do i=1,n
  do j=row_start(i),row_start(i+1)-1
    y(i) = y(i) + val(j)*x(col_index(j))

Uniprocessor Mapping

The codes are quite complex with graph algorithm components that attempt to exploit the structure of the non-zeros. In addition there are a high number of integer operations and indexed accesses. Modern algorithms on cache-based machines also attempt to take advantage of dense blocks so that the high-performing Level 3 operations can be used.

Parallel Mapping

The dependence structure of many algorithms is extremely intricate because of the desire to only compute on non-zero entries.



o Row Compressed Format (CSR): Compressed Sparse Row

o Block-Compressed Sparse Row (BCSR)


o SpMV

o NAS-CG: (

o OSKI (

o SuperLU ( (


o OSKI (

Specialized Languages:

o Possibly MatLab? (not obvious)

Specialized Hardware:

o Scatter-gather vector architectures are a good example of hardware that works well for sparse linear algebra.

How Current Computer Architectures Fail:

o Block Sizes: The BeBoP group does automatic searches for the optimal blocking arrangement for BCSR matrix encoding. (as shown by Jim Demmel’s diagrams in Dave’s slides).

o Stream Prefetch and Stanzas: For the CSR (row-compressed) sparse matrix encoding, it typically takes a comparatively long stream of consecutive stride-one memory accesses before the stream prefetch fully engages (as measured by the STRIAD benchmark in The result is poor efficiency for the CSR encoding unless explicit prefetches are inserted.

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